23 September 2016 – SERIS Seminar

Electricity is nearly an unspoken commodity. We use it all the time but don’t always notice. MattPeloso2
The electricity sector has matured through a century of innovation into a new world of infotech and deregulation.

Disruptive innovations are transforming the sector, and over the next decade new energy sources and smart grid technology will change the way we use electricity. This talk will review the strategy of Sun Electric in entering the electricity industry, and how it aims to transform the way we source power.

Dr.Matt Peloso will be speaking at the SERIS Seminar on the 26th August 2016. He read the bachelor of Physics and started his career in the optics industry. His post-graduate research contributed to quantum communications and solar energy technologies. He studied Intellectual Property Law and Technology Management while consulting to technology businesses, and completed an MBA. Matt uses his broad skills to establish transactions in technology related fields.

Date & Time: Friday, 23 September 2016 (4:00 pm-5:00 pm)
Venue: SERIS Level 4 Conference Rooms (E3A-04-25&26)

Admission is free, please click here to register with your name and company details. 





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