Rooftop FAQs

Rooftop FAQs

How much revenue can I expect by providing my roof to the SolarSpace programme?

  • Before signing the rooftop License Agreement Sun Electric will do a comprehensive assessment of your facilities. Thereafter, we will send you a specific quantitative report which includes revenue and power generation data.

How long will SolarSpace solar energy system last?

  • Typically, a solar energy system will produce energy for more than 25 years due to the durability of photovoltaic modules. Warranties on our energy systems have a duration of about 25 years.

Do I need to purchase energy from Sun Electric if I install solar panels on my roof as part of the SolarSpace programme?

  • As part of the consultation, Sun Electric will provide rooftop owners with various options to purchase solar energy, however there is no obligation to do so.

What are the additional benefits of providing my roof to Sun Electric?

  • The solar panels will reduce the thermal roof heat transfer in the building, keeping the building cooler, and reducing the amount of energy used by the building for air-conditioning.
  • Furthermore, the panels will limit acoustic noise from the rooftop during rain.
  • The solar panels will protect he roof seal which will no longer be exposed to harmful UV rays. The lifespan of the seal can be extended as a result.

Do I need to take up new insurance when I provide my roof to Sun Electric?

  • You need to maintain the existing insurance for the building.
  • Sun Electric’s insurance covers the solar energy generators installed at the building.

Will the installation of solar panels effect our GFA (gross floor area)?

  • No, the installation will not increase your roof top’s GFA.
  • Furthermore, the panels will only be raised by 30cm above the roof top, which ensures no GFA. Sun Electric will also take on any required correspondence with respective government bodies.

Why did Sun Electric get EMA’s first license to sell solar electricity when alternatives have been around for a while?

  • At its founding, Sun Electric had approached the EMA with its novel model for deploying solar energy through a retail license, as well as its technology platform for supporting solar energy infrastructure.
  • Since Sun Electric was the originator of the concept that required a retail license to distribute solar energy, its license was the first to be filled with the EMA.

Is there a demand for solar energy?

  • Governments around the world are stepping up the efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and grow their clean energy technology capabilities, particularly in solar energy, to help combat global warming as well as to meet increasing energy needs.
  • According to market research form HIS, global solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in 2014 reached 44.2GW, a 14% over 2013. The largest absolute growth was said to have occurred in the APC region, which accounted for 60% of total global demand.
  • China and Japan were the two largest markets in 2014.

How can I monitor and track my electricity usage with Sun Electric?

  • Sun Electric will provide the consumer with a measurement of total clean energy delivered to them each month on their invoice.
  • Consumers who wish to obtain additional information may log in to their accounts online to observe the real time generation and supply of electricity to them.

Is the service reliable?

  • Solar power systems are very reliable and can produce energy for more than 25 years due to the durability of photovoltaic modules. Warranties on our energy systems have a duration of 25 years.
  • Solar energy is converted through an electrical inverter at a point of contact to the power grid. Electrical inverters generally create very pure power harmonic integrated to the power grid. As such, solar energy generators provide the highest power quality compared to other technologies for power generation.
  • Solar energy generators are distributed through the city and can precisely deliver power closer to the points of high demand.
  • In turn, this reduces stress on the power grid and reduces transmission loss of transporting energy through the power grid, cutting down on wasteful generation of energy.

What are the environmental impact and benefits of solar energy?

  • Solar power systems derive clean energy from the sun
  • Installing solar panels or buying solar energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce toxic emissions and may also help to fight global warming.
  • As the solar energy is generated locally, less energy needs to be imported into Singapore for her to provide her energy needs.

Why did Sun Electric choose to base itself in Singapore?

  • We believe that solar energy is the most promising renewable energy source for Singapore. Singapore has an average of 50 percent more solar radiation compared to temperate countries, which creates the potential for widespread deployment in Singapore.
  • Furthermore, Singapore is a ‘living lab’ and test bed for urban solution, allowing Sun Electric to develop, test and showcase its proprietary energy management system before scaling them internationally.


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