Mazey Tan | Team Feature

Introducing our new series where you get to meet the dream team behind Sun Electric.
Mazey Tan is Sun Electric’s Senior Energy Consultant on a mission to help business owners make the switch over to clean solar electricity. We sat down with her to understand more about her as a person as well as why she choose to work with Sun Electric.

1. You’re the Senior Consultant at Sun Electric. Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

I see all the consultants at Sun Electric as “Power Rangers” (ha! excuse the pun). We go out, talk to people, share the good news that we have derived a patented technology and are the 1st solar energy retailer to be licensed by the Energy Market Authority. We let them know we disseminate off-site renewable, cleaner energy to premises with and without rooftop space! To recruit more “Power Rangers” to join us on board this “green” campaign, we are also helping them save some money as we offer discount off tariff!

2. Why did you decide to work in solar?

In my opinion, commodities drive and give life to the economy and people. Some years back, I used to assist the Public Utilities Board in running the NEWater Visitor Centre. Prior to joining Sun Electric, I was in the oil trading market for an adequate period of time. If I combine the 2 experiences, transiting to the solar energy arena seems the logical path. Why? Essentially, the main bulk of the electricity generated is harnessed from feedstock that emit carbon (fossil fuel, coal e.g.).

My heart has always been into all things “green”. Having been a National Education Ambassador, I understand the vulnerability of living in city state Singapore where scarcity of natural resources is apparent.

Therefore, as much as possible, we have to make use of technology to renew our resources. Singaporeans complain a lot haha SO HOT LAH! We might as well make good use of the sun to work for us!

Is not work, by the way; is a calling to serve the people and an honour to be in a position to educate and share resources with the masses for our children’s and their children’s future.

3. How would you describe Sun Electric (e.g. what is it like to work for, what do you enjoy about working there etc.)

I’m losing friends since I joined Sun Electric! They aren’t very fond of me as in Singapore, too often than not, people hate it when you tell them how much you love your job/ company. Flexibility, humour, empowerment of staff- interaction of brilliant minds and warm hearts.

4. Tell us about a project you’ve recently worked on that you’re excited about.

Emily Hill Enterprise is situated at such an awesome heritage building. For many years, it has been home for some Singaporean art installation artistes, painters, theatrical performers. Not too long ago, my friends set up the Kult Kafé there, celebrating the marriage of arts, music and good company.

As I mentioned, is about serving the people. This is a small part of my contribution to help a local art non-profitable organisation save their utility bills and fulfil their corporate social responsibility.

5. Where do you see the industry going in the coming years?

Renewable energy is the way to go not just for Singapore but is a global paradigm shift. Better late than never- prepare for the future NOW!

6. What is something random / fun about you that not a lot of people know?

Quite a few. Hmm artisanal hipster food, some say, ha!- catch my own yeast in my kitchen and make gluten-free sourdough bread. Don’t waste natural resources- make good use of whatever we have been granted in abundance by God!

7. What is the best book you’ve ever read?

The Bible lor!



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