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Sun Electric – Our Power

Save on your electricity bill while saving the planet

Make the switch to sustainable solar power, generated in Singapore, for your home or business.

No solar installations required.

For Business

Go Sustainable and save on your business operation costs.


For Homes

Save on your electricity bills and consume clean energy.


Solar Roof

Earn revenue from your rooftop with our solar product plans


Empowering Singapore to
produce and consume solar
electricity with SolarSpace®

From business to homes, hospitals and schools, Solar is powering our lives in more ways that ever before. Find out how Sun Electric is empowering Singapore to produce and consume clean and green electricity with SolarSpace®.


Solar power from rooftops across Singapore

1. Turn Rooftops Into Revenue

We help businesses generate revenue from their empty rooftops by installing solar panels.

2. Track And Optimize Solar Production

Our smart energy distribution system, SolarSpace®, tracks the solar power produced by the network of solar rooftops.

3. Distribute & Supplement Solar Power

SolarSpace® distributes the solar power to homes and businesses. When the sun isn’t shining, the system supplements the solar power with conventional power from the grid.

4. Realtime Usage Data

Electricity usage data is made available via the online customer portal where you can see how much solar you were allocated and where it came from.


Affordable, reliable and locally produced solar electricity

As the first licensed retailer of Solar Electricity in Singapore, we’ve been keeping the lights on for customers across Singapore for over five years. Our focus on innovative electricity technologies has helped us to develop multiple patented systems that keep our prices low and enable us to pass those savings onto our customers.

Beyond providing electricity services to homes and businesses, we work with rooftop owners across Singapore to install new solar generators. Our partnership with JTC has given us access to rooftop space throughout the country, paving the way for more Singaporeans to access affordable, reliable and locally produced solar electricity.



SolarSpace® installed at JTC’s iHub


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