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Articles – Sun Electric

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Open Electricity Market

Starting April 2018, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) will be introducing a soft launch of the Open Electricity Market in Jurong. Households and businesses whose addresses have postal codes starting with 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64 will soon be able to purchase electricity from a retailer of their choice. The Open Electricity Market is…
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Schneider Electric to receive 2,600 megawatt-hours of clean energy per year from SolarSpace® programme

FRENCH energy management company Schneider Electric and Swedish furniture group Ikea Singapore have moved to tap solar for their electricity needs in Singapore. The former will use solar energy generated by offsite rooftop solar systems, while the latter has installed two different systems at its outlets. Under the agreement with solar energy retailer Sun Electric,…
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Singapore Solar Power Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

The Solar Power Entrepreneurial Company of the Year award recognizes solar power companies that display true entrepreneurial spirit in creating innovative and potentially disruptive new services or solutions in specific markets. The recipient of this Award has excelled based on one or more of the following criteria: • Passionate Persistence • Market Disruption • Competitive…
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Solar panels on the rooftop of JTC's Jurong Town Hall building. (Photo: Nicole Tan)

Sun Electric wins tender to install solar panels on JTC buildings

Government agency JTC on Wednesday (Jun 21) announced it has awarded Sun Electric the first tender under its SolarRoof initiative to boost the generation of solar energy in Singapore. The 15-year contract with Singapore-based Sun Electric will allow the latter to install solar panels on the rooftops of 27 JTC buildings, which will in turn…
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Matt Peloso's photo (Photo: Planet OS)

Planet Os’ Visionary Series: Q&A with Matthew Peloso

Our founder Matt Peloso just got featured in Planet OS’s Visionary Series, where different CEO’s and Founders are interviewed. In this interview Matt  says “I’m just trying to do my part and get cities to harness their own energy. Space is fuel. Sunlight is abundant. This is our power. That is Sun Electric’s vision. In 25…
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Sun Electric named to be one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

In 2016, Sun Electric was named to be one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in the Energy sector with heavyweights like Tesla and Toyota. Singapore’s nickname is the Sunny Island, but the high cost of solar cells has been a barrier for those looking to harness the sun’s rays for power. In 2015, Sun…
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5 Essentials to Know About Our Energy Portal

As you may know by now, you don’t need a roof to go solar! Sun Electric’s platform connects rooftop owners that collect solar energy to consumers that want clean energy through our innovative SolarSpace technology. At Sun Electric, we strive to revolutionise the energy industry. We want to give our customers more power than ever…
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Sun Electric Yearly Wrap Up 2016

2016 was always going to be an important year for the clean energy industry. As the fallout from the COP21 required intense interpretation and implementation, the renewable energy sector has had the opportunity to ingrain itself into the energy industry. Sun Electric has celebrated major milestones this year and continues to provide the impetus for…
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Nur Thaqifah | Team Feature

Having done an internship with Sun Electric, Nur Thaqifah is a junior engineer who was hooked on clean energy from the get go. She shares with us what its like being the youngest on the team and her passion for solar. You’re the Junior Engineer at Sun Electric. Can you tell us a little bit…
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Arabian Venture Forum

The Arabian Venture Forum (AVF) is an initiative aimed at supporting the venture capital landscape in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region by connecting international and local VC firms with high-profile technology-based start-ups. Capitalizing on the success of 2015 forum, the AVF 2016 will be a two-day event where venture capitalists from around the globe…
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