CIS customers gets the best perks

The Sun Electric Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) is an employees’ benefit programme. Enjoy exclusive discounts off your electricity bill and priority service when you switch to Sun Electric.

Exclusive CIS benefits


33% discount, when signing up for 24 months contract.

25% discount, when signing up for 12 months contract. 


Jump ahead of the registration queue and be among the first to receive clean energy.


Get the fastest response and the highest level of assistance for any issues.

SP vs Sun Electric



Anyone can sign up

  • Electricity from national grid
  • No disruption
  • Cost based on SP Tariff


Anyone can sign up

  • Electricity from national grid
  • No disruption
  • Up to 18.8% discount off SP tariff monthly
  • Up to 5% blend of solar energy

Register for CIS with your business email

As availability is limited, register early. Our solar experts will reach out to you soon.

Will my electricity be as reliable?

Absolutely! Sun Electric uses the same national grid as SP Group. There will be no extra installation and no downtime. Sun Electric blends solar energy with conventional power that you are currently using. In times when solar energy is low, the blend will consists of more conventional power. In short, we offer the same reliability  as what you are currently having, at a more affordable price.

How much can I save?

It depends on how much electricity your household consume. An average 4 room HDB household can expect at least 15% guaranteed discount off their monthly electricity bill.  On top of that, we are fully transparent with our costs. There is no registration fee, no switching fees, no hidden costs! We start with a 2-month security deposit and you just pay for what you use. Nothing else.

Is switching easy?

Sign a form, pay a security deposit, and that’s it! We’ll do everything else. You don’t even need to be at home as the switching happens through our technology.



What is Sun Electric CIS?
Designed to benefit employees of participating companies in Singapore, Sun Electric Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) provides exclusive perks such as exclusive discounts, priority services and registration. Each employee from the participating company can also sign up their family members living in separate households.
Am I eligible for Sun Electric CIS? How do I know if my company is enrolled?
As long as your company uses Sun Electric to power their business, their employees are eligible for the Sun Electric CIS programme. To if check if your company is enrolled to the Sun Electric CIS programme, you may:
  1. Check with your company’s HR department, or
  2. Drop us an email with your enquiry at
My company is currently not in the CIS programme. How can I enrol my company?
We look forward to have you on-board Sun Electric CIS! Kindly drop us an email at and we will respond within 2 working days.
What is the discount offered on the monthly subscriptions for my company?
Depending on your household, we can offer you a discount off the SP tariff. Additionally, we offer an exclusive one time signup bonus only for CIS customers.
How do I apply for the Sun Electric CIS?
Fill up the form above and our staff will contact you within 2 working days.
What are the administrative charges?
Similar to your current retailer, you are required to pay a 2 months security deposit to open an account with us. There are no other registration fees or any hidden costs.
How long is the contract period?
Under the CIS programme, the contract period is 2 years.
What if I leave my employer before the end of my contract? Will my contract be terminated?
No, as long as you are a CIS customer, you will remain a CIS customer. However, please remember to update your contact information.
Can I downgrade or terminate my CIS subscription?
Yes, you can. Please email us at for more details. Do note that a termination fee applies if your electricity supply is still in contract.
I don’t have a corporate email address. How can I sign up for the CIS programme?
Send us an email at with a copy of your staff id or any proof.
I am already a Sun Electric customer. Can I get CIS benefits?
CIS benefits can only be applied by customers who are new to Sun Electric.