Solar Sponsorship Community

The Solar Sponsorship Community brings together Sun Electric’s clean energy users. Businesses in the community are sponsoring the next wave of local solar generators. Support them and receive premium discounts on your electricity bill when you make the switch to Sun Electric.

Exclusive Community Benefits


 20% for 24 months electricity contract

15% for 12 months eletricity contract


Help push our clean energy future by supporting the clean energy sponsors.


Get exclusive deals and discounts from the clean energy sponsors in our community.

SP vs Sun Electric Sponsorship Community



Anyone can sign up

  • Electricity from national grid
  • No disruption
  • Cost based on SP Tariff


Anyone can sign up

  • Electricity from national grid
  • No disruption
  • Up to 18.8% discount off SP tariff monthly
  • Up to 10% blend of solar energy

How do I switch to Sun Electric’s plans under the Sponsorship Community?

Joining our exclusive Sponsorship Community is a simple 4-step process. Participating sponsors include Bakery & Bar, BooksActually and Crown Coffee.


Visit one of our participating retail sponsors. 


Get the special promo code from the sponsor


Sign up with the promo code below


Our power analyst will contact you!

Get a quote with your promo code

Our solar experts will get in touch to assist with your sign up.

Will my electricity be as reliable?

Absolutely! Sun Electric uses the same national grid as SP Group. There will be no extra installation and no downtime. Sun Electric blends solar energy with conventional power that you are currently using. In times when solar energy is low, the blend will consists of more conventional power. In short, we offer the same reliability  as what you are currently having, at a more affordable price.

How much can I save?

It depends on how much electricity your household consume. An average 4 room HDB household can expect at least 15% guaranteed discount off their monthly electricity bill.  On top of that, we are fully transparent with our costs. There is no registration fee, no switching fees, no hidden costs! We start with a 2-month security deposit and you just pay for what you use. Nothing else.

Is switching easy?

Sign a form, pay a security deposit, and that’s it! We’ll do everything else. You don’t even need to be at home as the switching happens through our technology.


Sponsorship Referrals

What is the Solar Sponsorship Community?
As part of the Open Electricity Market (OEM), you can now choose your own electricity retailer instead of sticking with Singapore Power. Choosing Sun Electric as your retailer gives you the option of using clean, solar power generated electricity AND helps you to save on the SP tariff (up to 18.8% discount). The Sun Electric Solar Sponsorship Community brings together a network of clean energy businesses (Sponsors) and users like yourself, to give you more reasons to use clean energy! Enjoy exclusive discounts off your electricity bill (on top of the discount off tariff), deals and discounts at our Sponsors’ outlets!
Why should I join the Sponsorship Community?
  1. Get 15% or 20% (12 months or 24 months contract) off your first month bill IN ADDITION to the monthly discount off SP tariff (up to 18.8% off).
  2. Get exclusive deals and discounts from our clean energy Sponsors (businesses) in our community!
  3. Support clean businesses and help push Singapore towards a clean energy future!
When can I join the Sponsorship Community?
  • From April 2018, residents staying at premises with postal codes starting from 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64 (Jurong)
  • From the 2nd half of 2018, all residents in Singapore
What are the price plans from Sun Electric?
Check out the latest price plans and fact sheets here
What are the administrative charges?
Similar to your current retailer, you are required to pay a 2 months security deposit to open an account with us. This will be refunded at the end of the contract period. There are no other registration fees or any hidden costs.
How long is the contract period?
They are 12 and 24 months respectively. Please check out our price plans for more details
Can I downgrade or terminate my subscription after signing up?
Yes, you can. Please email us at for more details. Do note that a termination fee applies if your electricity supply is still in contract.
I am already a Sun Electric customer. Can I get Sponsorship Community benefits?
You will not be able to get access to the one time discount, but you will still receive our Sponsor’s deals and promotions through Sun Electric’s communications. Every Sun Electric customer automatically becomes part of the Sponsorship Community.