Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution Standard Operating Procedures

1. How can customers reach Sun Electric should they have a complaint/enquiry?

  1. Our customer hotline +65 66878042 (opening hours 930am – 630pm)
  2. Via email to
  3. Via our website at
  4. By mail at 3 Church Street, Samsung Hub, #25-01 Singapore 079903

2. Handling of Complaints and Response Time for Complaints

Sun Electric will endeavour to resolve disputes as soon as possible to improve customer satisfaction.


Table 1 Table of steps that needs to be taken by Sun Electric staff

Step Point Action Target Lead time
1 Acknowledge the complaint as soon as possible Record down details of the complaint into dispute resolution excel sheet. Some details include:

  • Customer name
  • Contact information
  • Description
2 Assess the complaint and its severity Assess severity and potential impact of complaint.
3 Plan course of action If complaint can be handled by customer service, should be done so as soon as possible. Otherwise, identify the severity of the case and forward to the correct officer in charge according to table 2.
4 Reply the customer with solutions Level 1: All low severity cases should be replied to within 2 business days.

Level 2: If complaint is of medium severity, forward the details to necessary executives and inform customer of the extended time of reply.

Level 1: Complaint handled by customer service: 1-2 business days

Level 2: Complaint to be forwarded to executives in charge: 3-5 business days

5 Follow up with customer Level 3: Should the complaint be forwarded to higher management, follow up with customer after 5 days to assess customer satisfaction. Introduce customer to survey section on portal to measure their customer service satisfaction (Portal up in March 2018)

If dispute is not resolved within 30 calendar days, Sun Electric will turn to the Singapore Power as the mediator. 

Level 3: Higher management to endeavour to resolve dispute under the contract amicably within 30 calendar days from it becoming aware of the dispute.
6 Evaluate process Record down the nature of complaint and evaluate if there is a need to improve internal systems to avoid a repeat


Table 2 Table of level of severity and who to contact

Level Officials Severity
1 Customer Service Representatives Low
2 Specific Executives Medium
3 Management High


3. Method of response

Sun Electric has opened up several avenues for customers to reach us with queries or complaints. Our preferred method of communication will be through email. This is so that all communication will be accounted for and there will be less probability of miscommunication.

However, we also understand the importance of a real customer service by allowing customers to speak to a customer service representative over the phone. Therefore, we are prepared to communicate with the customers via phone should they indicate as such, as their preferred mode of engagement