Sun Electric Yearly Wrap Up 2016

Sun Electric Yearly Wrap Up 2016

2016 was always going to be an important year for the clean energy industry. As the fallout from the COP21 required intense interpretation and implementation, the renewable energy sector has had the opportunity to ingrain itself into the energy industry. Sun Electric has celebrated major milestones this year and continues to provide the impetus for the increasing adoption of solar energy in Singapore. Below are a few of the highlights from 2016.

Flagship project with JTC Corporation (JTC) and SPRING Singapore

Sun Electric was one of six local SMEs from the clean technology industry to receive JTC Corporation (JTC) and SPRING Singapore’s support to test-bed our new sustainable technologies and solutions. Since February 2016, 189,321 kWh or 189 MWh of clean energy has been generated for Singapore by Sun Electric’s flagship project on a single rooftop in Tuas. That total generation’s carbon offset is equivalent to:

  • 2,116 Tree Seedlings Grown For 10 Years
  • 579 Car Gas Tanks (60L)
  • 0 Barrels of Oil
  • 392 Plane Trips Around the World

This kick-started new growth with more than 20 times that power capacity in construction under the SolarSpace initiative in the same year!

One of the leading voices in the energy industry

In the aftermath of the signing of the COP21 agreement, Sun Electric was invited to appear on Channel NewsAsia´s Perspectives [ChannelNewsAsia] show to make sense of the agreement and analyse the attainability of the voluntary goals established. Dr. Peloso was on the panel and shared a platform with other experts from the industry. The influential speakers called for a change in governmental policy towards fossil fuels, and Dr. Peloso outlined the benefits of a less regulated energy market that offers customer more choice.

Innovation at its core

Sun Electric was proud to receive, after the long examination process, its first officially approved patent in Singapore. This patent is an important piece of our identity being a cornerstone for our technology portfolio and the building block for expanding ventures with investors overseas. The patent describes a smart energy system established from the interconnection of buildings and consumers all across a city who harvest the abundance of sunlight resource and use this energy to power their daily affairs.

Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

The SolarSpace initiative has flourished this year and been a major drive towards clean energy in Singapore. With the industrial sector being Singapore´s largest greenhouse gas emitter, Sun Electric´s scheme tackles the issue head on and has ensured the sustained embedment of solar power in Singaporean industry as a cost-effective, green alternative. The success of the scheme put Sun Electric in the World´s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the Energy Sector, as selected by Fast Company 2016. [FastCompany]

Making clean power an everyday affair

At Sun Electric, we designed our product portfolio with care, knowing that there is something to gain for every energy consumer – big and small. That is why we are proud to see the growing wave of small and medium sized enterprises turning on with clean solar power. From gymnasiums to coffee shops, Sun Electric’s electricity offerings supplied a growing set of customers. And in every case we deliver clean and reliable solar electricity to our consumers with a guaranteed savings plan. It doesn’t get much better than to see our customers benefit and a growing wave of consumers joining the movement to power the world with renewable power.

Meeting and acknowledgement from the Minister

In October Sun Electric had the opportunity to meet the Minister of the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifi at the Energy Efficiency National Partnership Awards (EENP). During his speech at the awards he formalised Singapore´s pledge to stabilise greenhouse gas emission with a peak in 2030. With the help of companies like Sun Electric Singapore is still on track to meet these goals while maintaining an expanding economy.

40 Under 40

2016 was also triumphant for our founder, Dr. Matt Peloso, who was included in Prestige Singapore´s Online 40 under 40 [PrestigeOnline ] list. The magazine recognised his achievements within the crowded and competitive energy sector and praised him for offering customers “something new” in the renewable field.

Transforming the relationships of the energy market

Sun Electric were also one of the sponsors of Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) [ SIEWSE ] at the end of October and Dr. Peloso spoke at the event on the reorganisation of the energy industry with a focus on the consumer. Sun Electric is transforming the relationship between consumer and provider by connecting roof owners to consumers, leading the energy industry in a new direction and revolutionising the energy industry. Matt also spoke at The Green Growth and Business Forum [ GreenGrowth&BusinessForum] about his vision for the future of energy consumption. “We try to make electricity the most affordable by eliminating the cost of having storage. What I would like to see is the ability to access multiple renewables to reduce the requirements of storage systems”.

What´s next for Sun Electric?

We are on the cusp of launching our innovative portal. As the company strives to revolutionise the energy industry, the portal will give customers more control than ever before. Consumers will be able to login and monitor their energy consumption in real time. They will be able to see how much energy is being generated, and see how Sun Electric matches the consumer to the rooftop, giving the customer an insight into where their energy is coming from and the process behind it.

At Sun Electric, we are at the vanguard of the movement behind establishing solar power as a cost-effective alternative energy source. We give customers more transparency over where and how their energy is provided and consumed. Our success in 2016 has showed that the energy industry can begin working for the customer again and solar energy will continue to be an attractive alternative to conventional sources of energy for Singapore´s businesses and entrench itself in the urban power girds of the future.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to closing off this year and embracing 2017 with determination, innovation and a relentless pursuit to push the boundaries.