Reduce operating costs by going solar. No Solar Installations.

Get your electricity from solar generating rooftops across Singapore and save by switching to a more affordable, reliable and clean source of energy.

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Move towards sustainability in a

cost-effective way with Sun Electric

Solar power is one of the most sustainable sources of energy. Sun Electric offers customised solar plans without any rooftop installation to help you move your business towards sustainability while saving on operation costs.

We offer solar electricity plans for businesses of all sizes. Check your category based on monthly electricity consumption to understand the solar plans that work best for your business needs.


Business consumers with an average monthly electricity consumption less than 2,000kWh/Mth are eligible to purchase electricity from us under the OEM.


Business consumers with an average monthly electricity consumption between 2,000 – 25,000kWh/Mth (about $400 in electricity bill) are eligible to purchase Discount off tariff price plans.


Business consumers with an average monthly electricity consumption of more than 25,000kWh/Mth are eligible for a customised product and price plan.

How you benefit


Many businesses can expect to pay 10-20% less than the SP tariff rates.


By using solar you’ll help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce your carbon footprint.


Our SolarSpace® system allows businesses to take advantage of solar power savings. No rooftop, no panels required.


In 2019, Singapore will be introducing a Carbon Tax. Start earning credits and save.


Gain access to real-time usage data including how much solar you’re getting and where it’s coming from.


Customers expect brands to do their part for the environment and are willing to pay more for it.

Open Electricity Market Commercial

The Open Electricity Market (OEM) refers to the opening of the retail electricity market which will allow smaller business with an average monthly electricity usage ≥ 2,000kWh (around $400) to buy electricity from a retailer of their choice at a price plan that best meets their needs, or remain on the regulated tariff rate.

The nationwide launch of Open Electricity Market will be rolled out progressively in four geographical zones as shown in the image.

Why Crown Coffee made the switch

It’s technology! And it completely aligns with Crown Coffee’s concept. We embrace technology and when I heard about joining Sun Electric and how solar power can be delivered through the national grid, I was like WOW! This is a perfect solution. Save the earth, save on bills and embrace new technologies. Took me no time to decide. Awesome innovation!

Keith Tan

Crown Coffee

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Can I transfer back to SP if needed?
You have the option to transfer back to SP upon expiration of your existing retail contract.
What are the environmental impact and benefits of solar energy?
Solar power systems derive clean energy from the sun. Installing solar panels or buying solar energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce toxic emissions and may also help to fight global warming.
What distinguishes Sun Electric from other energy retailers?
We are the only utility that can consistently tag and measure your monthly solar consumption and usage. Sun Electric is the first solar energy retailer in Singapore, and the developer of technology that tracks your energy usage on the energy grid!
Do I need a roof to obtain solar energy?
No, you do not need to have access to a roof to buy solar energy.
How can I monitor and track my electricity usage with Sun Electric? Is there an app?
Sun Electric will provide the consumer with a measurement of the total clean energy delivered to them each month. Consumers who wish to obtain additional details may log into their accounts online (at to observe the real time generation of energy to them.