5 Essentials to Know About Our Energy Portal

5 Essentials to Know About Our Energy Portal

As you may know by now, you don’t need a roof to go solar! Sun Electric’s platform connects rooftop owners that collect solar energy to consumers that want clean energy through our innovative SolarSpace technology.

At Sun Electric, we strive to revolutionise the energy industry. We want to give our customers more power than ever before, which is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our new portal. Not only can our customers login and monitor their energy consumption in real time, they can also track the energy generation from the producer to know where their energy comes from.

The full history at your fingertips

Our electricity consumers can see a full history of their daily electricity usage in 30 minute intervals with Sun Electric. They can also see up to date information about their clean energy statistics achieved – including carbon savings and what that is equivalent too.

Sharing the savings

In the hyper connected world that we live in we have included share features so that our customers can share their clean energy usage with their followers directly onto Facebook. With a single click, a ready to share infographic is created highlighting the key carbon savings in a socially optimal way.

Privacy as a priority

For those who wish to stay unidentified, we have ensured that privacy is a priority. Our system audit securely displays all transactions with the option to encrypt users who wish to stay anonymous. Users can customize their privacy and choose whether to display their logo and name within the platform or to publish the features of their energy supplies for others to know. All of the transactions are certified using state of the art information security systems.

Advertise your company

Our customers can also advertise their company within our platform to reach other companies who have joined the solar revolution and new audiences.

Multiple users

There is also the option to create sub-accounts under the owner account to provide team members with access to view the company’s data and insights and perform tasks like billing or publishing your clean power consumption. This snapshot allows multiple users to view the information without listing the confidential information.

With the new portal, energy consumers can not only track their monthly energy consumption but can track the solar energy generation from the relevant producer and gain real time insights. Click here for a sneak peek