New rooftop sign-ups for SolarSpace, Singapore’s new Solar Energy platform

New rooftop sign-ups for SolarSpace, Singapore’s new Solar Energy platform


  • Sun Electric extends its SolarSpace program with an new wave of building owners
  • Singaporeans can now buy solar energy directly from Sun Electric
  • Building owners can make their rooftops part of Sun Electric’s green ecosystem

Sun Electric, the first local solar energy firm to receive a retail license in Singapore, will begin to operate more solar energy installations under its new clean energy program. The SolarSpace™ program aggregates multiple rooftops into a central generating unit. Under the SolarSpace program, building owners receive revenues by providing their roofs to Sun Electric who sell the energy to end consumers.

Sun Electric distributes the energy from SolarSpace rooftops to consumers through a variety of clean electricity products. All non-residential consumers who use at least 2000 kW per month (about $500) can sign up through Sun Electric or SP Services for the solar energy. The electricity products are aimed to promote sustainability in the city state, for example, Sun Electric’s clean electricity products are among the most cost effective ways for buildings to win BCA Green Mark points.

Sun Electric will launch a new wave of installations under their programme including the Australian International School, and the headquarters of OEL Holdings Ltd. These new systems will produce an additional 1.5 GWh of clean energy for Sun Electric to retail to consumers, offsetting approximately 1,034 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. Currently, Sun Electric has clinched 6 MWp of clean energy generation projects for installation within their new programme, and are seeking additional roof owners to come forward and sign up.

Australian International School Principal, Mr Andre Casson said, “We are pleased to be partnering with Sun Electric in this environmental initiative to support clean energy in our host country and to engage our students through both curriculum and practical exposure to the importance of renewable energies for the future of our planet.” Sun Electric will also deploy educational content for AIS students from the solar energy systems installed there.

“We congratulate Sun Electric on the launch of its SolarSpace programme which provides a cost-competitive and convenient way for companies to access solar energy for their sustainability goals,” said Mr Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director, Cleantech, Economic Development Board (EDB). “We are heartened by the strong progress in Singapore’s solar sector, in terms of innovative business models to spur solar adoption and emerging business opportunities around smart grids and energy management solutions.”

Dr Matthew Peloso, Founder of the Sun Electric Group of companies added “With building owners such as AIS and Oakwell that are willing to contribute rooftops to our platform, Singaporeans can purchase affordable and reliable solar electricity without owned roofspaces. One of the difficulties in implementing solar energy in a densely packed city is that the energy derived from a single rooftop does not effectively impact energy demand, leaving many rooftops suitable for solar energy installations untouched and under-utilised. By consolidating rooftop spaces, participants in our program can impact the energy market in a more meaningful way.”

About Sun Electric
Sun Electric develops leading edge solar system technology and operates out of Singapore, the United States, and the Philippines. Its technology services include software tools, energy management systems, central auditing and reporting facilities, clean energy certification systems, and a series of clean electricity product packages tailored to different kinds of energy consumers.

Building owners in Singapore can sign up to SolarSpaceTM online at

Electricity consumers in Singapore can buy clean energy products through Sun Electric Power at

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