Save on your bills by switching to solar.
No rooftop required.

Our SolarSpace® platform connects your home to solar producing rooftops across Singapore allowing you to utilise affordable, reliable and clean solar electricity.

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Why should I switch?


Get reliable, sustainable solar power for less than your current bill.


Our SolarSpace® platform eliminates the need to own solar panels. Get solar for your home, no rooftop required.


Simply complete a couple of forms. We’ll take care of the rest with no interruptions to your service.


By using solar you’ll help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce your carbon footprint.

How does it work?



Every day, all across Singapore, our network of rooftop solar panels generate clean electricity.



We track that electricity and feed it back into the national electrical grid. This is the same grid as what your current provider, SP, is using.



The SolarSpace® platform then redistributes the solar electricity directly to your home.

SP vs Sun Electric

For example, a household with an average electrical bill of S$100, could save S$15 every month.

You are not only saving money, you are saving the planet too!



per month

  • Electricity from national grid
  • No disruption
  • Cost based on SP Tariff

Take advantage of the electricity market

Starting in April 2018, if you live in postal codes starting from 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64, you’ll be able to select which electricity retailer is right for you. For the rest of Singapore, we have the power to choose in the second half of 2018. As Singapore’s first ever licensed Solar Electricity Retailer we’re trusted by local businesses like The Chope Group, Books Actually, Crown Coffee, and JTC. Let us help you reduce your electricity bill and make the switch to solar power.

Why Keith made the switch

It’s technology! And it completely aligns with Crown Coffee’s concept. We embrace technology and when I heard about joining Sun Electric and how solar power can be delivered through the national grid, I was like WOW! This is a perfect solution. Save the earth, save on bills and embrace new technologies. Took me no time to decide. Awesome innovation!

Keith Tan

Crown Coffee



What are the environmental impact and benefits of solar energy?
Solar power systems derive clean energy from the sun. Installing solar panels or buying solar energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce toxic emissions and may also help to fight global warming.
Can I switch seamlessly between solar energy and the incumbent electricity service provider?
Energy consumers can switch seamlessly between their existing service provider to Sun Electric. Sun Electric will then facilitate the transfer of the user account in cooperation with the Market Support Services License (MSSL).
Where are the solar panels, is there enough?
Sun Electric has solar panels installed on rooftops all over Singapore. We have installations lined up for the next 3-4 years. As we are able to mix the amount of solar and conventional power for you, you will always continue to receive undisrupted power.
Will it be cheaper or more expensive?
Sun Electric will be able to offer our customers up to 16% discount off the Singapore Power (SP) tariff. Therefore, we will always be cheaper than SP
Will I get consistent stream of energy?
Yes, Singapore Power will still be maintaining the national grid. Therefore, there will still be a consistent stream of energy throughout your contract with us.
When you do the switch is it purely using solar?
Sun Electric offers our residential customers a blend of solar and conventional electricity through our SolarFlex and SolarLite products. SolarFlex will be the most cost competitive plan that allows our customers to receive, up to 5% solar. SolarLite customers will be given at least 5% solar through the month
What is the transmission cost?
The discount of tariff price plan is inclusive of tariff prices. This charge is incurred for the use of the national grid that is maintained by SIngapore Power
Will you be expanding your network?
Yes, Sun Electric is continually expanding our network of solar generators. In 2018 alone, we aim to commission at least 5MW of installations.
What is the transition experience like?
Simple and hassle-free 3-step approach to switch.
  1. Contact Sun Electric
  2. Sign a form and pay security deposit.
  3. Sit back and relax. We’ll do everything else.