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Business Times, 22 June 2015 – New business models set to shake up solar energy sector

This Business Times article featured Sun Electric’s SolarSpaceTM as an option for customers looking for flexibility in their solar energy participation. Contestable electricity consumers can now obtain solar energy without owning a rooftop. The article also mentioned Sun Electric’s test-bed programme with JTC Corp and Spring Singapore, which will enable Sun Electric to begin integrating additional…
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Business Times, 22 June 2015 – Solar ambitions; Singapore shaping up as regional springboard

Industry players are leveraging Singapore as a starting base for regional expansion as well as a hub for financing solar assets in regional markets. Sun Electric was mentioned as the first solar company in Singapore to obtain an energy retail licence from the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and would launch its operating platform in other…
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Consulus – Sun Electric: A new business model to transform the solar power sector

Sun Electric is a company that specializes in solar energy solutions. The Columnist talked to Matthew Peloso, Founder & Managing Director of Sun Electric to find out more about how his businesses can transform the way we use energy. When did your interest in solar energy begin? I spent a number of years in areas…
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