Six local cleantech SMEs get a $2.5m boost from JTC and SPRING to test-bed sustainable technologies

Six local cleantech SMEs get a $2.5m boost from JTC and SPRING to test-bed sustainable technologies

Newly opened JTC CleanTech Two @ CleanTech Park continues to support the R&D and test-bedding of new capabilities

Six local SMEs from the clean technology (cleantech) industry will receive JTC Corporation (JTC) and SPRING Singapore’s support to test-bed their new sustainable technologies and solutions. Under the first wave of the JTC-SPRING Joint Grant Call for Test-bedding of Sustainable Solutions, these selected companies will gain a head-start to carry out large-scale test-bedding projects at JTC’s developments and facilities.

The 6 projects were selected out of 14 proposals, and they will receive a total funding of $2.5 million from both JTC and SPRING. Selected projects include the test-bedding of a hybrid solar PV system with a patented top-cooling technology, a decentralised wastewater recycling system that treats grey, brown and black water for non-potable uses, as well as thin, flexible solar films which generate higher yields in terms of power generation under tropical climate conditions.

The six companies are; Omega Solar Pte Ltd, Ecosoftt Pte Ltd, HVS Engineering Pte Ltd, vTrium Energy Pte Ltd, Transkinect Pte Ltd and Sun Electric Pte Ltd. Details of the companies and their winning projects are appended in Annex B.

Four out of the six projects will be test-bedded in CleanTech Park, a 50-hectare eco-business and technology park developed by JTC to house a cluster of research institutes and companies undertaking the research, innovation and commercialisation of sustainable solutions, as well as to serve as a living laboratory for the test-bedding of cleantech and sustainability solutions (refer to Annex C-E). Such test-bedding opportunities allow companies to validate their innovative solutions and build track record, so that they could go to market more quickly.

CleanTech Park currently plays host to 16 innovative test-beds, of which 10 are initiated and undertaken by tenants within the park. The four new projects supported under this grant call brings the total number of technologies being test-bedded in the eco-business park to 20. With the official opening of JTC CleanTech Two, CleanTech Park will house more R&D, innovation and test-bedding activities in cleantech and advanced manufacturing.

“The test-bedding projects not only allow JTC to try out new innovative solutions, but also enables SMEs to implement their technologies in real world environment and helps them build track record to go to market. JTC will continue to open up our industrial facilities for other test-bedding opportunities,” said Mr Leow Thiam Seng, Director of JTC’s Aerospace, Marine & CleanTech Cluster.

With increasing demand for cleantech solutions globally, local SMEs will have an even greater chance to grow their business in this field. “We hope to encourage more entrepreneurs and companies to explore business opportunities in the cleantech industry,” said Mr Ho Chi Bao, Director of Manufacturing and Engineering Division, SPRING Singapore. “SPRING sees the JTC-SPRING Joint Grant Call as a promising platform to help them test-bed innovative solutions. These companies will get to validate their technologies in a commercial site with real-world conditions. This partnership would form a strong project reference and act as a stepping stone as they grow their customer base and expand overseas.”

Mr S Iswaran, Second Minister for Trade and Industry, announced the selection of the six SMEs at the official opening of CleanTech Two at CleanTech Park today. The first joint grant call by JTC and SPRING was launched at the World Cities Summit[1] in June 2014 to invite industrialists and companies to submit proposals on sustainable technologies for test-bedding in JTC’s facilities. The proposals must support at least one of the three sustainability themes identified for this grant call: (i) Resource Efficiency, (ii) Sustainable Urban Solutions and (iii) Building Efficiency. Details on the joint grant call are appended in Annex A.

[1]  The World Cities Summit, laThe World Cities Summit, last held in June 2014, is a global platform for leaders and industry members from various cities to discuss the state of urban challenges today and identify principles of shared solutions applicable to cities spanning the range of development, socio-economic and political contexts. The next World Cities Summit will be held in July 2016.

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