Sky Tower | Solar Feature

Sky Tower | Solar Feature

Feel like getting high?

High up in the sky that is. You can catch panoramic views across Singapore, Sentosa and the Southern Islands from Asia’s tallest freestanding observation tower at the Tiger Sky Tower. They have recently made the switch to solar electricity and Alexander Melchers, Director of Sky Tower Pte Ltd, shares with us how this project become a reality and why they choose solar.

1. Tell us about how the Tiger Sky Tower was conceived and then became a reality?

Tiger Sky Tower was conceived and developed by Melchers Group, one of the pioneers involved in the early Master Plan development of Sentosa back in the year 2000. We realized that Mount Imbiah at Sentosa offers one of the most amazing viewing points in Singapore and proposed the development of the Tiger Sky Tower there. We were the first foreign direct investor for an attraction on Sentosa and lead the way for other significant projects to follow suit, ranging from Skyline Luge Sentosa to Resorts World and most recently KidZania Singapore.

2. What is something unusual that people may not know about the Tower?

Tiger Sky Tower is placed at the southernmost point of the Eurasian Mainland. It is an important geographical spot from where you have the rare opportunity to see Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia from the comfort of our air-conditioned cabin when it’s at the top of our 131-metre high tower.

Why did you decide to go solar? And why did you choose Sun Electric?

Tiger Sky Tower is a tourist attraction and we provide our visitors with the most amazing views. We promise our visitors from far and near that they can see Malaysia and Indonesia from the Tiger Sky Tower. Hence, a clear sky is of paramount importance to us as we are in the business of selling good views. By using solar energy, we are not depending on electricity generated through burning of fossil fuels. The reduction in the use of fossil fuels will result in a corresponding drop in air pollution (such as haze), which is a threat to our clear sky vision.

Sun Electric is the first solar energy company with an electricity retail license in Singapore. It distributes its solar-generated electricity to its local customers through Singapore power grid, from where we usually obtain our electricity supply. Tiger Sky Tower does not have a suitable roof to install its own solar panels. However, Sun Electric is able to supply us solar energy generated from roofs located elsewhere. With a total solution from Sun Electric, we subscribed to their clean energy product SolarPEAKTM, without any hesitation when we were given the opportunity.

4. How has the switch to solar benefitted Tiger Sky Tower?

The switch to solar energy has raised the awareness of our staff and main stakeholders on the importance of environment protection. Our business is heavily dependent on climatic conditions such as haze. Using solar energy has provided Tiger Sky Tower with an opportunity to play our role in the reduction of air pollution and carbon emission. As part of our corporate social responsibility programme, this was an important milestone.

5. Where would you like to see Singapore in the coming years?

We would like Singapore to embrace and build attractions that are rested on our ‘city in the garden’ and ‘garden in the city’ ambitions. The use of solar energy will certainly help in the acceleration of achieving the goal.

We would also like to refocus from capital and building intensive attractions to initiatives that capitalize more on the attributes of our tropical and sea-based location, and attractions that are easily accessible to Singaporeans as well, both in physical and financial terms.

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