CNA – Solar-generated electricity distributed through Singapore’s power grid

CNA – Solar-generated electricity distributed through Singapore’s power grid

SINGAPORE: Sun Electric, the first solar energy company to obtain an electricity retail license in the Republic, announced on Monday (Feb 29) the first live distribution of solar-generated electricity to its seven local customers through the Republic’s power grid.

Since a month ago, seven local SMEs – including The Chope Group, Pilatique, Seagift and Sky Tower on Sentosa – have been receiving solar energy via Sun Electric’s solar energy generators on JTC rooftops in Tuas South, under its test-bedding programme.

Monday also marked the official launch of Sun Electric’s first clean energy products under its SolarSpace programme. SolarSpace is a platform that allows consumers in metropolitan cities, like Singapore, to buy solar energy even if they do not have their own roof to install solar panels.

There are four tailored SolarSpace platform packages – SolarFlex, SolarLite, SolarPeak and Solar100 – which vary according to the blend of clean energy required by individual consumers.

“Our programme allows rooftop owners to capture sunlight striking their roofs, and sell it to energy consumers in their city,” said Sun Electric CEO Dr Matthew Peloso. “Smaller consumers of energy, such as SMEs, can now do their part for the environment and sustainability by adopting clean energy. Our programme was developed to change the way cities obtain energy, and to allow cities to harness clean energy that can be obtained from their environment.”

Sun Electric will take its SolarSpace platform technology overseas this year, to countries like the USA, Australia, Japan and the Philippines.

Dr Peloso said: “When it comes to carbon emissions, many people think that Singapore is small, and the effect this small city state has on the world is negligible. We think this new programme will change people’s minds about the ways cities adopt clean energy. Singapore, with its foresightedness and reputation for innovation, can be a leader for clean energy and electricity connectivity.”