UFIT | Solar Feature

UFIT | Solar Feature

Introducing our new series of solar features for pioneering companies who are making the switch to clean energy.

UFITis on a mission to transform people’s bodies, health and life. They are a dynamic community of experienced fitness coaches and motivated members who have recently joined the bright side of energy. We sat down with one of the founders, Dean Ahmad, to understand more about their business and why they chose to go solar.

Tell us about your business and why you started it?

UFIT is a unique company that exists as a community of highly trained professionals from different backgrounds coming together to provide the industry with quality driven services. The services we offer include personal training, bootcamps, physiotherapy, nutritional consultations, crossfit classes and even fitness education.

UFIT exists because we recognised the need for a holistic approach to health that focuses on client experience with an emphasis on quality and personalisation in Singapore 5 years ago. We started with a team of 7 and now have a team of 70!

What is something unusual or unique about your business / business model?

The most unique thing about UFIT is the strong sense of belonging and community throughout the business. Clients are proud to be part of UFIT and we recognize that by featuring clients on our social media and rewarding them for their lifetime commitment to fitness and health!

Why did you decide to go solar? And why did you choose Sun Electric?

We recognize the importance of alternative fuel sources because of the carbon footprint of traditional sources of electric and we always believe that we need to be the change we want in this world. Sun Electric was an obvious choice being the biggest and earliest companies in Singapore offering solar power. Having a client who was a representative for Sun Electric made the decision and switch seamless for us!

How has the switch to solar benefitted your organisation?

Besides having a smaller electrical bill monthly, the sense of being able to contribute to a greener environment and to educate our staff and clients about it is a bonus.

Ideally, we should be able to power at least 20-30% of our buildings by solar energy. Singapore has almost no excuse not to:- we have sunlight all year round!

Head to UFIT’s website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more information.


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