Stamford American International School Goes Green With Solar, powered by Sun Electric

Stamford American International School Goes Green With Solar, powered by Sun Electric

  • The school has installed 845 solar panels on their rooftop, which will produce about 426MWh of solar electricity yearly
  • 95% of the power generated will be sold to anyone in Singapore who desires clean power, though Sun Electric’s SolarSpace platform
  • SAIS will also launch an educational programme about ‘going green’ with Sun Electric

We are happy to announce that starting today, Stamford American International School will be supplying solar energy to consumers in Singapore through the SolarSpace platform.

The new solar panel array at Stamford American’s Elementary and Secondary Campus at Woodleigh Lane, which consists of 845 solar panels, will double as an alternative energy source and educational opportunity for students. The panels are capable of producing about 426 MWh of solar electricity yearly and will offset about 200 metric tons of carbon.

845 solar panels sitting atop the Stamford American International School at Woodleigh Lane

Stamford American will supplement their current electricity usage with about five percent of the solar energy generated from these panels, while the remaining 95 percent will be channeled to other smaller- and medium-sized corporate customers, and set aside for potential use by homeowners through Sun Electric’s SolarSpace platform.

Dr. Matthew Peloso, CEO & Founder of Sun Electric, shared, “We are honoured to have Stamford American join our SolarSpace platform and build our capabilities in harnessing solar energy. The SolarSpace platform allows power to be harnessed from solar panels on rooftops and sold to consumers in the open energy market, even if the buildings they occupy are not equipped with solar panels. Through this program, businesses and homeowners can now directly access solar energy from the national grid.”


The solar panel installation is an educational opportunity as well.

As part of the launch, Sun Electric has worked with Stamford American to provide an online dashboard where teachers and students are able to track the energy produced by these solar panels. These dashboards will be displayed on the television screens around the school to raise awareness of the need for clean energy, providing students with statistics about electricity. Sun Electric’s engineers will conduct lessons at the school on clean technology and has given the teachers a program to allow students to learn through interaction with the solar power system’s live data interface.



It will be incorporated into the school curriculum in subjects such as Sustainable Development and Environmental Science.

Dashboard displays will be placed around the school to raise awareness of solar energy the school is producing, and  the need for clean energy

“We are proud to have continued our green journey with Sun Electric, whose installation of solar panels on our rooftops have been a welcome addition to the Woodleigh campus,” said Dr. Eric Sands, Stamford American Superintendent.  “We see a great opportunity in the SolarSpace platform to educate our students on energy conservation and sustainability, while also helping the larger Singapore community to access and purchase solar power from the grid when the Open Electricity Market is launched.”

The island-wide launch of the Open Electricity Market will provide greater choice and transparency for customers and allow solar energy to be made available to anyone within Singapore.

In anticipation for this launch, Sun Electric has launched the “Our Power” campaign, to encourage Singapore to utilise clean energy generated on our own rooftops by offering electricity users and rooftop owners the ability to share in the benefits of solar power generated across Singapore’s rooftops.


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