Sun Electric announces a suite of clean energy products for contestable energy consumers

Sun Electric announces a suite of clean energy products for contestable energy consumers

Singapore: June 30th, 2015


  • Singaporeans can now buy solar energy direct via SP Services or Sun Electric
  • Products provide an ability for consumers to select their required clean energy amounts when selecting products
  • Sun Electric will use the newly launched Electricity Futures market to structure some of the products

Sun Electric, the first local solar energy firm to receive a retail license, announced today a suite of clean energy products to serve the needs of contestable energy consumers. The clean energy products are structured by using photovoltaic generating units from the SolarSpace™ program rooftops . All non-residential consumers who use at least 2000 kW per month (about $500) can sign up through Sun Electric or SP Services for the solar energy.

Sun Electric distributes energy from SolarSpace rooftops to consumers through a variety of clean electricity products.

Dr Matthew Peloso, Founder of the Sun Electric Group of companies states “We want to highlight to consumers that we are providing a suite of products that serve to both provide a variety of pricing factors that allow consumers to tailor their use of clean energy to their budget, and to provide an adjustable level of clean energy exposure so that consumes will be able to obtain the specific amounts of clean energy they desire. We will provide dedicated resources to meeting our customers desired levels of clean energy. Our system allows interested parties to partake in the growth in clean energy sector in Singapore. We are also working toward publishing our information such that consumers will receive transparent information regard the origin of the clean energy. Ased on our systems of dedicated resources, consumers can take comfort knowing that they are receiving the traded clean energy and we are not reselling clean energy to more than one energy consumer”.

Sun Electric develops leading edge solar system technology and operates out of Singapore, the United States, and the Philippines. Its technology services include software tools, energy management systems, central auditing and reporting facilities, clean energy certification systems, and a series of clean electricity product packages. Building owners in Singapore can sign up to SolarSpaceTM online at Electricity consumers in Singapore can buy clean energy products through Sun Electric Power at