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Nur Thaqifah | Team Feature

Having done an internship with Sun Electric, Nur Thaqifah is a junior engineer who was hooked on clean energy from the get go. She shares with us what its like being the youngest on the team and her passion for solar. You’re the Junior Engineer at Sun Electric. Can you tell us a little bit…
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Simone Mirl | Team Feature

Simone Mirl is Sun Electric’s project manager. Known for breaking out into song and dance randomly, Simone shares with us her views on solar, where the trends are going and some exciting things she is working on. 1. You’re the Project Manager at Sun Electric. Can you tell us a little bit about your role?…
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Jeff Vezina | Team Feature

Jeff Vezina is Sun Electric’s Chief Technology Officer, a total tech whiz at heart, he is the man behind all of our technology. He shares with us how he see’s the company, where he sees the industry going and why he chose to work in solar. 1. You’re the CTO at Sun Electric. Can you…
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